There are many common mistakes that we do while purchasing a mattress. Most of these mistakes are not intentional. The life of a mattress is for seven years, but if you maintain it properly it can last for more than a decade. There are many people who are sleeping on a 11 years old mattress, but according to experts you should replace them soon. When you see bumps on your mattress or you wake up very tired, these sore the signs that you shouldn’t ignore. It is always suggested to dispose of your mattress if it is very old. It is not ethical to pass on an uncomfortable mattress to another person, so the last thing you can do is to dispose them off. Most of the mattresses are made of toxic materials usually a polystyrene foam, if you desire to buy a nontoxic mattress then you should buy an organic mattress. First, you need to know your sleep type. We all sleep differently, if you let your salesperson choose your mattress, you may not be satisfied with it is better that you tell your salesperson about your sleep type or if you sleep with your partner, they will help you pick the best mattresses. Your body weight will decide the firmness of the mattress. If you buy a soft mattress and you are heavy, you will probably sink in the mattress.

This is called sagging and you will have to replace your mattress a little earlier than required. When your salesperson choose mattress for you, you sometimes don’t bother to even test the mattress. Testing the mattress is very important, you can simply lie on the mattress and check if it is comfortable. If required you can even ask for pillow. Sit or lie on the mattress for few minutes and see if the firmness is perfect for you.  Though, when you sleep on a mattress for the first time you will not be able to judge the firmest properly, but you should still try in a store. Some manufacturers charge extra for the delivery of the mattress, make sure you ask them if it is added in the overall cost or not. Some mattresses like memory foam mattresses are very heavy, you will need some help to transport the mattresses. If you are perplexed about a mattress, you can take advantage of home trial.

 In home trial, you can try the mattress for few days, as specified by the manufacturer. If you think the mattress is good, then you can keep it otherwise you can replace with another mattress. To buy mattresses at lower ranges, you should check cyber monday mattress sales. Mattresses are usually sold at discounts at the end of the month or during festive days. You can ask the manufacturer about discounts and installments. Mattresses come in different ranges; you can compare the price with the features if the mattresses.