Some people tend to fall sound and deep no matter! On the contrary, there are some who just can’t sleep. This could be because of genetics or ailments. Other reasons could be stress, anxiety, or depression. Here, we are mentioning 05 hacks that can help (almost) everyone with sleep concerns. 

Hack 1: Follow a Sleep Routine 

A study says that a regular and consistent schedule can actually increase the sleep cycle. It also increases the duration of sleep and can get a person to sleep like a baby. A person’s sleep health is determined by all these factors. If you really are struggling to get deep and better sleep, it is important to go to bed an hour or at least half an hour before sleeping time. This is so that you can sleep at the same time every day without fail. Likewise, when you go to bed on time, there are huge chances of getting up on time too. This cycle may take some time to practice. After which you can easily get into the system. The biological clock inside you will get used to following a routine.

Hack 2: Check Medications

Medications always have some kind of an effect that hampers out nighttime sleep. If you are using any medicine that has a stimulant for sleep deprivation or making you go into insomnia, then you need to fix it before something bad happens. To fix insomnia, all you are required to do is to talk to your doctor. Check things out with the doctor and take him in confidence. Ask how you can fix this issue. Hopefully, he will be able to sort it out for you. 

Hack 3: Check Mattress and Pillow

Choosing the right pillow and mattress plays a vital role in getting good night time sleep. Making use of anything like memory foam mattress cooling gel could be a good idea, to begin with. Pillows however should be such that compliments your position of sleeping. In case you are more of a person who sleeps on tummy, choosing a flat pillow will help. Likewise, if you sleep on either of the sides, placing a pillow just between the knees will give a relive in pressure. Also, using a fluffy pillow will allow you to support curvature. If you are using a memory foam mattress then getting a memory foam pillow would do wonders. 

Hack 4: Adjust Temperature in Room

When your body temperature is hot or the room is too hot, you can’t possibly fall asleep. Ideally, according to sleep experts, room temperature should be between 60 and 67 degrees. It can be on the cooler side for some. But see, it will lower your body temperature. 

Hack 5: Avoid Stress, Fatigue, and Other Mental Concerns 

It is easy said than done to practice controlling stress and anxiety. To maintain balance in physical and mental health it is recommended to exercise and diet. Meditation and NLP (neuro-linguistic program) serve best in this regard.